Sunday, August 17, 2008

Traditional Korean Tea

Tea has been very popular in East Asian countries. In Asia, tea is a kind of dessert like coffee in the USA people enjoy after having their meals. But there is a critical difference from coffee, tea is very helpful for health. A variety of teas have been used as an herbal remedy for a long time in Korea. Recently, as people are getting interested in well-being, a lot of tea rooms are showing up with healthy and nutritious tea. There are 3 main teas for health. First one is pomegranate tea which is well known for women’s hormone. Second, Cassia tea is well known for eyesight and last one is Yuja tea which is made from citron chronic colds. Most American must know green and black tea, but in addition to these teas, there are many teas people can enjoy for their health if they are introduced to the USA. Why not in the United States?

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